At Ground Effects Landscapes we take pride in helping make your outdoor living space as unique and beautiful as possible. As technology advances we are able to offer you new and exciting ways to enhance your home and landscape. Compliment your landscape with colours of the season, create a holiday theme or  celebrate your favorite sports teams victory. A rich colour spectrum with full control wirelessly from your smart phone or tablet. With new LED technology you will see up to 77% energy savings on lighting up your landscape. 


Style & Beauty

As evening approaches and your lighting turns on, you will notice focal points and textures of your home and landscape that were once hidden by day start to emerge.


Open the door to the outside at night. Patios, pools and outdoor kitchens now become more inviting. Sit, relax and enjoy your landscape at night.


It’s a known fact that a well lit home will deter an intruder. When lighting is designed and installed correctly it can make an intruder feel uncomfortable by removing dark hidden areas.


One key function of outdoor lighting is to provide sufficient lighting to hazardous areas. Steps and abrupt changes in path elevation or direction can be easily navigated.


By combining the first four objectives you will increase the value of your home and property.